Viqua UV Ballast 660019-R

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Viqua UV Ballast 660019-R

PT PROFILTER INDONESIA adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier Viqua UV Ballast 660019-R terlengkap untuk menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part water treatment  untuk keperluan industri dengan kualitas dan harga terbaik.

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Description Viqua UV Ballast 660019-R

Viqua Ballast 660019-R

Replacement Controller

Part Number: 660019-R

Product Details

Replacement controller kit 100-240V Compatible with K PLUS, SM80 Professional UV systems


The Controller UV Ballast Unit

As the brains of the entire system, the controller unit manages the electrical output of the lamp and powers it to produce UV-C light. Some controllers are a simple cap that fits over the end of the lamp and a plug. Other controllers, depending on the type of UV system, are more complicated and have lamp-change timers, low-UV alarms, or trouble indicator lights to show when the system is not performing as it should. These units vary in complexity and size, but essentially, they all do the same thing.

Each UV system manufacturer has its own “bells and whistles” when it comes to system performance. UV systems are engineered for all the parts to work together as a complete functional system. If you have a UV system and it’s time to change your lamp, be sure to use a branded replacement lamp from the system’s manufacturer. Using cheaper, non-manufacturer replacement lamps can cause more issues than the amount of money they might save you, and for most manufacturers, will void your product warranty. These non-manufacturer lamps were not engineered specifically to be part of the complete system and can compromise the UV system’s performance.

If you aren’t getting the highest degree of performance, you aren’t getting the most out of your UV system, and your water is not properly protected. If you aren’t sure if you are using the right lamp, call the manufacturer. They are happy to help you ensure your system is working at peak capacity by using the correct lamp for the system.


Main Components of a Viqua UV system

There are a variety of UV disinfection systems on the market, however, they all contain the same general components, from the very large systems that disinfect water for commercial or industrial operations, right down to an under-sink system treating drinking water at the point of use.

The four main components of a UV system are:

  • The reactor chamber
  • The UV lamp
  • The quartz sleeve
  • The controller unit (also called a ballast)

There are other optional parts such as sensors and solenoid valves that can also be a part of a system, however, these four components are the basis of all UV systems.


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