Continental CPPH60-005-40CS Filter Cartridge

Continental CPPH60-005-40CS PFI Polypropylene Melt-Blown Filter Cartridge, the ultimate filtration solution for your needs. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures exceptional performance and efficiency in removing impurities from liquids. With its reliable polypropylene construction, you can trust that our filter cartridge will provide long-lasting durability and superior filtration results. Experience cleaner, purer liquids with PFI Polypropylene Melt-Blown Filter Cartridge today.


Continental CPPH60-005-40CS Filter Cartridge

Kami adalah importir distributor agen dan supplier Continental CPPH60-005-40CS Filter Cartridge terlengkap menyediakan berbagai kebutuhan spare part filter untuk keperluan industri dengan kualitas dan harga terbaik

Kami memiliki berbagai macam jenis filter mulai dari RO membrane , filter cartridge, housing bag filter cartridge hingga segala jenis spare part pendukung water treatment lainnya.

Polypropylene Melt-blown Heavy Duty Singed  without Core

Polypropylene Continental Filter Cartridge Melt-blown Heavy Duty Singed


  • Comprehensive product availabilities
  • FDA compliant media. Silicon contamination free
  • High integrated strength for pressure resistance
  • 1 – 100 micron range, nominal & absolute ratings
  • Broad chemical compatibilities
  • Fiber migration & extractable free treatment
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop
  • Large retention capacities, extended lives



  • Product Code : CPPH60-005-40CS
  • Description : Heavy Duty Singed, Non Core
  • Length : 40” SOE
  • Micron : 5
  • Efficiency : 95%
  • Change-out Pressure Diff. : 25 – 0.35 MPa
  • Filtration Type : Depth
  • Operating Temperature : 80°C @ 0.15MPa


Construction components meet the FDA compliant components as outlined in the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 21 , Section 170 – 199.


Guidance in the proper use of Polypropylene is use forth by appropriate government regulation and must be determined by the end user.

PFI Spun Bonded Filter Cartridge are made up of 100% polypropylene fibers. The fibers have been carefully spunned together to form a true gradient density from outer to the inner surface. Filter cartridges are available with both core & without core version. The Filter Cartridge Spun superior structure remains integral even under severe operating conditions and there is no media migration. Polypropylene fibers are blown continuously on the central molded core, without any binders, resins or lubricants.

PFI PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge MG Series is fusing and intertwined of polypropylene resin without any chemical glues.


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